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An insurance pool is a gathering of insurance companies for a specific business endeavor,  antitrust recommendations in both the U.S.8 and Europe9 state that pooling mentioned DVD patent pool, essential patents were defined as those necessary to  Discounts for lawyers and law firms. Save time and money for you and your clients with our unique knowledge base. Learn more  pool - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.

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Find 9 ways to say POOLING, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. pool 1. Maintenance and control of a supply of resources or personnel upon which other activities may draw. The primary purpose of a pool is to promote maximum efficiency of use of the pooled resources or personnel, e.g., a petroleum pool or a labor and equipment pool.

The pool is necessary in order to acquire the capital needed to manipulate a stock having a large market value. POOL. A small lake of standing water.

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Two common functions used in the pooling operation are: Average Pooling: Calculate the average value for each patch on the feature map. ↑ Devote time and attention to gaining knowledge of (an academic subject), especially by means of books A unit of abstract mathematical system subject to the laws of arithmetic. noun. any communal combination of resources, funds, etc a typing pool.

Pooling meaning

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Pooling meaning

Cash pooling is also prohibited in many countries with restrictive financial systems, such as India. So, funds from a local company cannot simply flow into a master account (this is referred to as “trapped cash”). Land pooling is simplest terms is the merging or “pooling” of land. In general, the major reason for land pooling is to get land-proprietors living in urban towns to pool their land and hand it over to a government organization with the goal that framework can be produced. 2017-05-12 · A notional pooling arrangement does not require a long-term commitment with a bank; on the contrary, it is relatively easy to back out of the arrangement.

But Agapi means love, and when you're in love you want the world to us with the misconception that Agapi Club is pooling schemes or rental  The term "person" means both nalural and legal persons, unless the in connexion with the pooling of information provided for by this Annex. We must control public spending; because public debt means one generation is A community of 500 million, pooling its resources to promote human rights  In the ideal collection all documents are assessed for relevance for each information need. Page 28.
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Pooling meaning

2. containing or secreting urine. urinary tract infection (UTI) infection in the urinary tract; types are named for the part of the tract involved, such as urethritis, cystitis, ureteritis, pyelonephritis, and glomerulonephritis. It is more common in women than in men because of the relative shortness of the female urethra. Pooling involves selecting a pooling operation, much like a filter to be applied to feature maps.

• Volume copy Allow users to “Over Allocate” physical storage; user-defined Capacity Alerts. The term Pooling & Sharing was used to analyze cooperation in the longer term. Literature study of reports on the meaning of cooperation have been made.
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A combination of resources. [A.S. pōl] Farlex Partner Medical To take ones pool chairs (the chairs right next to a pool), and put them in the pool during the night, as a prank.

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Pooling of interests refers to a technique of recording a merger or acquisition, whereby the assets and liabilities of the two companies are summed together and then netted.

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